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Quake 4 Mod

Q4Max 0.78d Mod update.
Der wird benoetigt um auf den Quake 4 Server von spx.at zu quaken ;).

A couple of issues have cropped up in q4max 0.78c, and with WSVG Lanwar so close we thought it worth releasing a small update.

As Q4Max 0.78d only updates 1 file, it can be installed as either an update to 0.78c, or as a full install which does not rely on a previous release. If upgrading from 0.78c, unzip the update over the top of your existing 0.78c release. As usual, server admins should delete the old zz-q4max-game-078c.pk4.

Changes included are:

  • chg: net_clientPredictWeaponSwitch defaults to 0
    If you experience bogus weapon switches, set this to the new default value.
  • fix: „scoreboard bug“ with spectators shown as in game after changing to spectator
  • fix: spectimers no longer vanish after a serverMapRestart

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